Upcoming Works:

The Idolater’s Handbook
In the Catacombs EP
Cookies For Dinner EP
The Sound out of Space
The Vestibule
The Unwishing Well
The Music Box

Completed Works:

Dreaming EP (5.22.15)
God Complex (2014)
Drøm (2014)
To Mr. K (Regarding the Fall) (2014)
Thirst (2013)
The Black has Never been so Vibrant (2013) (collaboration with Yoshimi Sonobe) (Pending editing)
Branches (2013)
Tomb (2013)
Wonderland (2013)
A Numb (4.11.13)
To C. Beauregard (on the Subject of Dreams) (3.30.13)
Black Water (3.30.13)
To The Dark (3.30.13)
Tomb of the Leviathan (3.1.13)
Perception (2.24.13)
The Monster [Where Were You?] (2.5.13)
Fears of Broken (2012)
The Events of the Night of August the Twenty-Fifth (5.28.12)
Ducklings (3.19.12)
Brick by Brick (3.18.12)
A Ghost Walks My Halls (3.7.12)
A Momentary Descent (3.2.12)
Drama in Aisle 5 (2.27.12)
My Beating Heart (2.23.12)
The Strain (2.22.12)
Christmas of Want [Adolescent Lament] EP (12.20.11)
About Art… (10.1.11)
Fire Inside Soundtrack (7.26.11)
Fire Inside (2011)
Applesauce (2010)
World of Text (10.12.10)
The Grievous Affairs of Percival Graham (2010)
Atlas’ Dream (2009)