ChikënFist – Cookies For Dinner

Hello Everyone!

As you might or might not know, I’m involved (with collaborator Vince Rostkowski) in a 2-person experimental toybox-rock band known simply as ChikënFist. Well on October 21st we released our 2nd EP, COOKIES FOR DINNER, available on BandCamp!

Cookies For Dinner EP, Album Art by CupidsArt.

Cookies For Dinner EP, Album Art by CupidsArt.

This EP is the summation of years of work. Literally countless hours have been spent trying to make this sound as good as it does, and we’re incredibly proud of the result. We’ve used a total of 44 instruments/sounds on the EP, to give you an idea of how absurd some of these arrangements are and how tricky the mixing process was. We also brought in some guest musicians on the title track. Our friend Paul Trahey contributed vocals and banjo, as well as his lyrical skills, and our friend Beth McElroy contributed marimba and backing vocals. We highlight some of their handywork in the bonus track, Tom’s Thoughts.

For only $5 you can support weird independent art (the best kind). So if you like songs about Marty McFly narrowly avoiding incest, or the philosophy of baked goods, DuckTales, or the Cookie Monster as voiced by Tom Waits, check it out and share it with your friends!