ChikenFist 1ChikënFist is an ongoing collaboration with fellow artist, Vince Rostkowski. We decided to make “pop”/”rock” music with non-conventional instruments, which became our own genre, “Toybox Rock.” Though the band formed in 2008, we only began writing music in 2011.  That year we issued our first independent release, the “Christmas of Want [Adolescent Lament] EP.”  We’ve recently released our second EP, “Cookies For Dinner,” and are working tirelessly on a new project that will combine our love of music with our love of theater, film, and puppetry.

Our instruments include:  Mandolin, Melodica, Vibraslap, Ukelele, Kazoos, Egg Shaker, Bells, Chanter, Harmonicas, Trombone, Accordion, Recorder, Didgeridoo, Triangles, Jaw Harp, Tambourine, Slide Whistle, Castanets, Cello, Toy Piano, and more…

You can find lyrics and releases on my Discography page.