Adventures in Vlogging

I’m happy to announce the beginning of a new adventure: YOUTUBE.  Yes, yes, YouTube is nothing new.  It’s been around for years, and even my channel has been around for a while, but not like this.  I’ve made the commitment to regularly produce content.  Vlogs, short films, and original songs are all on the way.

“New songs, you say?”

Yes! I’ll actually be using YouTube to branch out and find my own audience, interested in the same things I am.  Most of the new songs that will be posted will be “fandom” songs.  That is, songs about nerdy things, such as Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, etc.  Things that could hopefully branch out living their own little viral life in microcosms of the internet.

“Where might I view such interesting spectacles?”

Why, on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, where else?  Click the link or follow the video below and SUBSCRIBE to stay up-to-date on Films/Music/Vlogs!

OH, and I forgot to mention I can also now be found on TWITTER.