Letter Performance

Hello 2014!

Hello friends!

Letter Performance

Early rehearsal of “Mr. K.”

It’s shaping up to be a really big year for me, beginning with the creation of my own website!  I have a lot of interesting projects in the works, and I’ll try to stay fairly regular with updates on my projects.  Here’s a general overview of what you can look forward to seeing:

  • To Mr. K. (Regarding the Fall)  –  This handmade film performance examines our perception of things on a micro level, trying to interpret the internal, our emotions, in a live, abstract fashion.
  • God Complex  –  An installation about the egocentricity of man, which examines our perception of things on a macro level.  Consists of digital projection on a mirror mosaic, within an isolated space.  Premiering in MassArt’s Bakalar Gallery this May.
  • The Sound out of Space  –  This 4-track EP is an audio-drama musical, set in space.  A technological malfunction initiates an onslaught of psychotic episodes that causes the characters to end up in a life-and-death struggle.  This project features the voice talents of Vince Rostkowski, Alessandra Gabbianelli, and myself.
  • ChikënFist’s Cookies for Dinner EP  –  The second musical installment of my “toybox-rock” project, ChikënFist.  This EP features songs about philosophy, time-travel, and cookies (with a special guest appearance by Cookie Monster).
  • The Idolater’s Handbook  –  In this short fiction, the protagonist finds a mysterious book in his grandparent’s attic that leads him on an adventure with a dire conclusion.  Heavily inspired by a recent “Lovecraft” binge of mine.

I’m also working on other projects simultaneously, including a script for a graphic novel, another short story, scripts for short films, and personal music, so keep checking back here for more news!

With Love,